Services Offered

Family Medicine (Primary Care):

We offer the full range of Family Care. This includes routine general Consultations for Acute Illness, for Ante-Natal Care, Post-Natal Care, Family Planning, and Contraception Advice. Basic Gynaecological Screening Services such as Pap (Cancer) Smears, Hormone Replacement Therapy, the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis, and all issues concerning child growth, child nutrition, and development are catered to fully and professionally

Infant & Childhood Screening:

This includes the regular Medical Examination of Infants and Children at regular intervals. Included are the full range of Infant and Childhood Immunizations, up to and including adolescence. In view of the fact, Families in the UAE come from a wide range of different Countries, we take special care to adhere to the Immunization Schedules as laid down by various Countries, although in reality, these differ from one another but little.

A weekly “Mother-and-Baby” or “Well-Baby” Clinic is conducted, usually on Monday afternoon from 2 pm to 6 pm. Mothers (and Fathers) attend these regular Clinics for the routine weighing and measurement sessions that keep track of Infant Development, and keep track of the various Milestones of early childhood. Emphasis too is given on Infant Nutrition at this early and crucial phase in the development of small children.

One has to remember, that a significant majority of young ‘expat’ couples who reside here, are usually on their own, and lack the benefit of the ‘extended family’ they might otherwise have enjoyed ‘back home’. Even minor matters or simple issues can and often do appear more complex in the absence of one’s Family. We are very much aware of this particular aspect of Primary Care, and try to fill in the missing bits for young and inexperienced Parents who cannot rely on their own Families due to their expatriate circumstance.

Acute Medicine (Secondary Care):

Our Clinic enjoys admission rights at three of the best and most reputable local Private Hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Patients suffering from Acute Illness, sufficiently severe to require admission to Hospital, can and are admitted to the Hospital of their choice, and usually remain under our individual or joint care. We also see and treat Acute Illness in a proportion of the visiting ‘older’ Parents, and Family Visitors who come out to see their Expat Children and grandchildren.

Ongoing Medical Care (Tertiary Care):

For those of our Patients who require further Specialized Investigations or who may require expert Surgical Procedures or other Invasive Procedures, we do have at our disposal a wide range of options. Patients who are determined to require ‘Tertiary Care’ may and often are referred onwards to a distant location either within the UAE or abroad (such as in the Patient’s Country of Origin).

This Clinic has on numerous occasions been totally involved with the urgent Repatriation of Acutely or severely Ill Patients, and have often made all necessary arrangements to “Med-Evac” Patients via S.O.S. – International or some such other Agency to the destination opted for as being necessary for the continued Management of the Patient’s Acute Illness.

Occupational Medicine:

Dr. McCulloch is a Member of the American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM). He is also a Senior Approved Medical Examiner (A.M.E.) to several Aviation Licensing Authorities as well as to the UAE GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority).

Diving Medicine:

Dr McCulloch is also a Senior Medical Examiner of Divers. As such he is ‘approved’ to conduct the Annual “Medical Examination of Divers” for the purpose of renewing the Medical Certification of Professional Divers. In addition, and jointly with two other Colleagues in the UAE, the Medical Management of Diving-related (Decompression) Illness and Diving Injury and other Emergencies is offered to most of the Companies Registered to “Conduct Diving Operations” within the UAE and Offshore.