We go beyond our Clinic to serve the Community

Medical Examination of Migrants:

Our Clinic is also “Designated as Approved” to conduct the Medical Examination of Applicants for Migration to the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Applicants for Migration to any of these Countries are Examined, along with their Spouses and Children in accordance with the various requirements of each individual prospective “host” Country. The Gulf Countries provide a rich spectrum of individual people and families, some of whom then aspire to Migrate to the Country of their choice, for a better life for themselves and their Families.

Aviation Medical Services:

We do offer Aviation Medical Services to several airlines, both international, and locally based. As such we also conduct the annual or bi-annual Aeromedical examination of Pilots, and Air Traffic Control Officers for the purpose of renewing their various Local and International Licenses.

Offshore Medical Certification:

Employees and Workers who are need to hold Offshore and Oil-Field Passes, are required to possess “Medical Clearance” as being Fit to work Offshore. They require to be Free of Communicable Disease, and require to be in a suitable state of general Health so as to have only a genuinely low risk of becoming seriously ill while Offshore, thereby requiring urgent Medical Evacuation with all that entails.

Life Insurance and Corporate Medicals:

Many of the leading International Life Assurance Companies use the services of this Clinic for the Medical Examination of those of their Clients who have taken on a Life Assurance Policy or have applied for a Mortgage Loan.

In addition, we are able to Offer the busy and stressed Expat a Full and Comprehensive Medical Examination, specifically tailored to his or her age group or risk factors.

Travel Medicine & Immunisation of Travellers:

The Clinic has access to several databases including the ‘Center For Disease Control’ (CDC) based in Atlanta Georgia, and is in a position to give information that is very regularly updated concerning Travel to single or to multiple destinations.

Special Honour :

Dr McCulloch is also very proud to inform, he has been Officially Designated as “Post Medical Adviser” to the Embassy of the United States. He was honoured in this manner in August 2001.