Dr McCulloch came out to the Emirates from Britain in 1974, and opened this Clinic in August 1975. From 1999, Dr Samia Tufail has joined the Practise. Dr Tufail is a Member of The Royal College of Physicians (MRCP, London), and is an Internist and Endocrinologist.

This Practise prides itself on being entirely 100% independent of any of the existing polyclinics or hospitals. As such, any patient can be absolutely certain of onward referral to a particular specialist in a particular field, regardless as to where this specialist may be based.

Having been in the Emirates in continuous medical practice for three decades does mean we have built up a database of known specialists in many diverse fields. In addition to local hospitals in Abu Dhabi, we do refer to various other clinics throughout the UAE. Examples are the American Hospital, the Dubai London Clinic, Dr Akel’s General Medical Clinic, and the Al-Zahra Hospital in Sharjah.